Sora art of idittals

Sora mural art of idittals nowadays became a symbol of Odisha culture. Traditional idittal paintings were dedicated to deities and had ritual function. Normally they were designed with a house-shaped frame, divided into several levels and its charachters were deities, as well as people, animals and mythological creatures connected to them. Modern idittals feature everyday episodes, allegories, folklore stories or social and political ideas, or may be purely decorative. Sometimes idittals can represent series of events to be read from left to right and up to down, as written lines. Mostly they are drawn with white colour on the ground of terra cotta walls, but nowadays color schemes are more various. Idittal art is close to the more popular in India warli art painting, but some visual elements are different.

Modern idittals, adorning Centurion University walls (Parlakhemundi). Artist: Srinivas Gomango.


An idittal, illustrating a Sora legend on the origin of agriculture:

Modern drawing technique: